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Gary Russo's Charisma  Warmed Our Hearts. Rest in peace, troubadour.  Photo courtesy of Dan Guarino.

Gary Russo’s Charisma Warmed Our Hearts. Rest in peace, troubadour. Photo courtesy of Dan Guarino.

I’m offering fall walking tours of Rockaway Beach and, due to popular demand, Broad Channel.  I will arrange private tours, if requested, and other tours of mine can be booked through the Municipal Art Society website, http://www.mas.org.  Just click on the tab for “tours” to purchase a ticket.


My MAS walking tour will explore Broad Channel, starting at 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 11, 2015.  There will be some special behind-the-scenes surprises on this foray, and participants will receive a free 2015 Broad Channel calendar, courtesy of Barbara Toborg of historical society.  That means you’ll be all set with tide tables for the last quarter of 2015, plus a dozen vintage photos of the neighborhood.

In the works–a new, Halloween-themed, Rockaway Beach lantern tour.  Truth can be creepier than fiction!  Check back on this website for more details.  If you’d like to join me on a private tour, send a comment to this blog, or an email to vrattaycarter@yahoo.com.

20141005_133835(0)Also on Sunday, October 11, the Beach 116th Partnership has rescheduled their Second Annual Fall Festival, from noon to 6 p.m.  It was a huge success last year–be sure to check out the live music and beer garden, as well as the vendors.  Hoping for more jerk chicken from Goody’s this year…

Rockaway Theatre Company has two choice, upcoming shows.  Neil Simon’s “Plaza Suite,” directed by Peggy Page Press, runs from Friday, October 9 through Sunday, October 11. “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” directed by Mike Wotypka, opens Friday, November 13 and closes Sunday, November 22 (the weekend before Thanksgiving–hard to believe it’s almost here!)  For info, visit their website, http://www.rockawaytheatrecompany.org, or call 718.374.6400.

12 Responses to Local Events

  1. Ms Newton says:

    I love coming by your blog. It’s nice to see that you are still going strong!

    • rockviv says:

      Thanks for the support, Kelly! Compliments from friends (and others interested in Rockaway) have kept me going. I’m amazed that I’ve found the time to post about once a week for over six months. I hope to keep adding new features as time goes by… Viv

  2. We are so excited to have 3 events in Rockaway this year! The entire NYC area has really embraced the Jane’s Walk weekend. Take pictures!

    • rockviv says:

      Thanks to your group for the wonderful ideas and support. I enjoyed reading “The Death and Life of Great American Cities,” and love the idea of honoring Jane Jacobs with a walk! Although I’ve been doing historic bike tours in Rockaway over the past few years, I’ve noticed that it is difficult to get LOCAL RESIDENTS to come out for them. For some reason, day visitors embrace the concept of a historic bike tour of the neighborhood much more than locals.

      So, after much consideration, I decided to host a Jane’s Walk tour a little late in the game, although there are MANY other worthwhile local events taking place that same day, including a beach clean-up, merchant fair, two thrift sales, and a second Jane’s Walk in FAR ROCKAWAY. The walking tour I am hosting is really focused on reaching neighbors who live in Rockaway Beach and Rockaway Park, although visitors to the peninsula are also welcomed. Anything you can do to differentiate that there are two different Rockaway walking tours on Sat. May 7-mine in Rockaway Beach, and a second in Far Rockaway, would be much appreciated. I know I am the underdog on this!

  3. I couldn’t find an email to contact you, but I was wondering if you watned to add our event to your calendar. It will take place at Marina 59 in Far Rockaway. I’ll put the info below. THanks so much!

    -Sustainability Skill Share at Marina 59-

    We are getting ready for ‘Off the Grid and On the Water’, our urban sustainability residency program, and we want you to help! We will be BUILDING A MINI GREEN ROOF, RE-ORIENTING OUR SOLAR PANELS, ADJUSTING OUR RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM AND RE-PLANTING OUR LIVNG MACHINE. Lets admit it, we will also be sanding, applying fresh paint and moving materials. Who knows, maybe some of you will have a skill or project you want to present/share too, and there will be even more to do! Bring your experience or bring your questions.

    And of course we will also be breaking ground on our next project (hint: it involves a golden toilet, oars, and a homemade wind turbine). Five blocks from the A train. Four blocks from the beach. Right smack in the middle of NYC’s first ‘houseboat hotel community’ and ‘boat in movie theatre’. Pack a lunch and make an adventure of it.

    Unfortunately space limitations exist for parts of this event, so RSVP to ExpeditionGowanus@gmail.com to reserve your spot and for information on accessing the gate.

    THIS EVENT IS FREE! but your donations help to keep us creating!

    WHEN: Saturday June 25th. 12noon till 5pm
    WHERE: Marina 59 (www.marina59.com)

    5914 Beach Channel Drive, NY 11692
    A Train to Beach 60th Street

    • rockviv says:

      It was great to meet you and see your rather interesting boat. I’m passing this information along to readers of my blog so they can contact you about future events.
      Rock Viv

  4. SaytheWord says:

    I read in your blog that your having a showing of pics from your book at Ciro’s. Is this open to the public and when and time? would love to attend. How about the one at the Fish/Seafood Restaurant on B. 129, what date is that and is it open to the public?

    • rockviv says:

      Hello, Say the Word!

      Thanks for your comment on Oy Vey Rockaway and your interest in upcoming history events I’ll be hosting in Belle Harbor. I’ve just scheduled the Rockaway Seafood (RSC Restaurant) event for Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. Donation $15, includes appetizers and a soda, coffee or tea. I will be showing some great images of the women pioneers of Rockaway Beach and speaking about the book.

      I look forward to meeting you…You can RSVP to me at VCARTER@nyc.rr.com.

      Rock Viv

  5. jules0314 says:

    Superstorm Sandy likely has hit you hard. I hope you are documenting and photographing if you are able to. So grateful for all the images of Rockaway. Now more than ever.

    • rockviv says:

      Again, apologies for taking so long to post photos. And I’m so sad that I haven’t found the missing camera card yet. I hope it turns up soon.

  6. Kate says:

    Hi Viv,
    Wil u be giving another class on the history of Rockaway?
    As a “local” I would love to attend and learn more about my adopted home of the last eight years.

    • rockviv says:

      Apologies for the late reply to your comment. I changed my email address and updated it with Word Press, so I’m surprised that I didn’t get the usual email notice that a comment was posted. I did a slide show last Saturday at First Congregational Church, but it was beastly hot, so I kept it very short. I have agreed to do one in September for the Peninsula branch library, which I’ll post on my blog once the date is confirmed. Thanks for your interest and support.
      Vivian Carter

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