How to Get Images of America: Rockaway Beach

Cover of Images of America: Rockaway Beach

Cover of Images of America: Rockaway Beach

I have officially completed my promotional tour for Images of America: Rockaway Beach, and am no longer selling the book on this website. The best way to purchase a signed copy is to get it at the gift shop of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge on Cross Bay Blvd. between Broad Channel and Howard Beach.

Or, you can order from any online retailer, but I recommend you visit the publisher’s website,, particularly if you are a history buff. There, you can check out all of their books about American cities, towns and villages, or the history of sports, railroads, and universities. From the history of basketball at the University of Pittsburgh, to the lost train lines of Queens County, Arcadia Publishing’s catalog is long and deep.  It’s a veritable trove of great gifts for both men and women.  Happy browsing!

12 Responses to How to Get Images of America: Rockaway Beach

  1. Robin LaBella says:

    Yes, Hello… I just ordered your book Images of America: Rockaway Beach. Could I possibly have it signed by you: To Joseph, Have fun reminiscing or something like that also it is to be a Fathers Day gift, please rush it if neccesary I will pay the extra postage. Thank you so much. Iknow my husband will enjoy this. He is always telling me about his Grandparents living only a block away from the beach in the Rockaways. Best Regards, Robin LaBella 281-744-7250

    • rockviv says:

      I am pleased that your book arrived on June 14, in time for Father’s Day. Hope you and Joseph enjoy the stories and photos of Old Rockaway Beach!
      Vivian Carter

  2. Robert Sharrott says:

    I just received the Images of America Rockaway Beach edition. I read and viewed the book in one sitting. It brings back tremendous reminisces and nostalgia . The summers in the fifties and sixties spent at the Ocean from Roches beachclub to Beach 116th street and Rockaway’s Playland Amusement Park were the greatest years of a young man’s life. My relatives lived on Beach 88th Street and it was always a joy to visit. I lived for a time with my family in the eighties on Beach 119th St and I was able to recreate my youth with my daughters. This was before the closing of the amusement park. My family grew up in Far Rockaway and Rockaway Beach from the eighteen hundreds through to this day and there are tremendous memories that came back to life with this issue. Hopefully, there will be a Rockaway Beach 2 and 3 volumn. Thanks for the great memories. Regards, Bob Sharrott

    • rockviv says:

      Thanks for the kind remarks…I wrote the book so the world will know how great Rockaway Beach was, and can be again! I’m looking forward to some great upcoming media coverage in the newspapers serving other parts of Queens. You can probably check that out online, in the Queens Times-Ledger.
      Vivian Carter

  3. Sharon Gabriel says:

    Viv: Am so happpy your book is doing well. I enjoyed my time with you going over old pictures and especially the one with the kids, which didn’t make the book, but gave me a laugh when I found myself among the 10 year old ragamuffins on Beach 90th Street. I had no recollection of the picture but it was fun to reminisce. Rockaway was a great place to grow up. Everyone knew everyone else and you couldn’t get into trouble because the information would be back to your parents before you got home. Sleigh riding, rollerskating in the street, baseball on Holland Avenue with bases painted on the street by one of the neighbors. Ah yes, I remember it well. Sharon Gabriel

    • rockviv says:

      Thanks for sending in a comment to my blog about Images of America: Rockaway Beach. Glad you are enjoying the memories brought back by the photos. Be sure to look closely at page 94. Arcadia’s format didn’t provide enough space for the full panorama of the original photo, but I cropped it carefully, and you are there on the left corner!

  4. Ed Gloeggler says:

    I spent my birthday driving around Rockaway seeking out a copy of your book the first week it was published. That was before you listed these locations. I finally found it on Beach 129th Street and it was certainly worth the drive around town! Bought a bagel and thumbed through each page.

    I have just about everything ever printed about Rockaway’s past, but have never seen dozens of the wonderful photos you found. Your book is a fabulous look a a place we see every day, but my has it changed!

    Anyone who lives here should certainly have a copy!

    • rockviv says:

      You are so kind! I am glad that everyone is enjoying my book. Maybe you would like to join us for the Seaside Library Rockaway history book group, which should be held on 6 Mondays in October and November, from 6:30 pm to 7:45 p.m. I’ll forward the schedule once it’s set.

  5. Can i please reserve my free copy. I will stop by the Blue Bugalow on Saturday.
    What time will you be there?
    I have been in Rockaway for 39 years. My wife was born and raised on Beach 126th street. Her Family name is Cashen. We now live in the towers on Beach 105st, and lost 2 cards to Sandy.
    Our hearts go out to our Rockaway neighbors.

    • rockviv says:

      Hi, Andye & Kathy,
      I will reserve a copy of the book for you. Sorry for your losses from Superstorm Sandy. Look forward to meeting you at The Blue Bungalow. Thanks,
      Rock Viv

  6. says:

    hI, I was pleasantly surprised after putting off a birth family search. it involved a pageant Miss rockaway. or maybe rockaway point.. my friend is looking for information on her mother… she was separated by a divorce when she was two and never heard of her again. my friend is in her 80s
    I tried to search but the recent hurricanes left me with endless unanswered calls. I am an adoptee from Massena ny, and after finding my family I have tried to help her… I am so interested in what your book may offer her, but more interested in the history in the 1930 31 pageant for rockaway point. I am in Oregon as is my friend, after she was raised in the Bronx area most her life with limited conversation spoke of her family.. if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. if your book involves any pageant info. please let me know as well.

    • rockviv says:

      Tina, There are three pageant photos in my book. One from the 1970s, and two of a beauty pageant held in the 1950’s at Playland Amusement Park (that was located in vicinity of Beach 98 Street). I do not have identities for the contestants or judges in the photos. I did not collect information about Rockaway Point, as I was trying to keep the book closely focused on the area defined historically as Rockaway Beach, i.e., from Beach 74th to Beach 108th.
      Vivian Carter

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