Red Hook to GWB or Bust! Hudson River Sloop Clearwater’s 2010 Pumpkin Sail

Sailing Past the Battery on the Clearwater

The group’s tagline is: “Creating the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders.”   You can say that again!

Since its maiden voyage in 1969, the 106-foot long Hudson River Sloop Clearwater has welcomed aboard more than half a million young people and hundreds of thousands of adults for its signature environmental education program—“The Classroom of the Waves.”  An astonishing total of over 15,000 students and more than 200 teachers, are trained each year by Clearwater’s staff and volunteer educators.

Clearwater's Dock at the Red Hook Fairway Supermarket

The ship, a replica of the classic 18th and 19th century sloops that once plied the Hudson River regularly, is the grandly realized vision of folk singer Pete Seeger.  In 1966, the Hudson had become a dumping ground for industrial and human waste, and Seeger thought that building a glorious sloop as an educational vessel might be a way to dramatize the plight of the river.  Thousands of grass-roots volunteers attended Hudson River folk picnics during the 1960’s to help raise money to build the boat, which was finally launched in 1969. Thousands more are required each year to help keep the Clearwater in good condition.  The sloop, named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004, continues to sail regularly each year, through the last week in October.  Public sails are available at Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival, the premier folk music/environmental festival in the U.S., held each year at Croton Point Park on Father’s Day weekend.  The festival is also going strong for over 40 years!   

After years of anticipation, I managed to land a choice volunteer slot in June 2010 at the festival’s Working Waterfront area, with my friends from the Sebago Canoe Club. While at the event, I joined Clearwater, filling out an application and selecting several weeks when I’d be able to come aboard as a volunteer.   The last week in October looked good—so I ended up on the sloop’s final education voyage of 2010—the Pumpkin Sail.

We launched from the Fairway Supermarket dock in Red Hook, Brooklyn on Monday, October 25, and bid adieu to the last student sailors for the year—a troop of intrepid fourth-grade Girl Scouts from Manhattan’s Spence School—at the 79th Street Boat Basin in New York City, six days later on Sunday, October 31.

We had a week of spectacular weather for sailing, and the ship’s crew and volunteers (about 15 of us) welcomed about 400 visitors aboard for a total of eight educational sails.  We also accommodated various Clearwater administrators, supporters and education program funders, plus a sizeable production crew, with equipment, from The Discovery Channel 3D Network.  The camera crew filmed “The Classroom of the Waves” on three days of our voyage.  The program is slated for broadcast next year.

The vision of Seeger, who is now 91 years old, is being realized.  The Hudson River is much cleaner today than it was in 1968.  The Clean Water Act now protects waterways throughout the U.S., although some would argue that enforcement needs to be strengthened.  If you are a doubter on that point, just check out how the toilet and waste water are disposed of at the 79th Street Boat Basin.  It’s an eye-opener, and nose-opener, as well! 

Seeger’s legacy will live on in this program, even after the ship reaches the end of its useful life.  Many who step aboard will become the next generation of environmental leaders; ALL who visit experience a taste of the river that you cannot get onshore.    

Volunteers on the Voyage (L to R): Rock Viv, Peter, Kristie, Clea and Sabeena

I wistfully departed on Sunday afternoon, savoring memories of the adventure as I headed up to the subway, toting an overloaded duffle bag stuffed with a week’s worth of well-worn work clothes, boots moist with Hudson River water, and my sleeping bag and pillow, still redolent of nights adrift, like plankton, in a bunk on the brackish estuary.       

Clearwater's Shrouds Frame "Sailor's Delight" Sunset

Those of you visiting from the blogosphere can now climb aboard The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, view scenes of life on the ship and experience snippets of “The Classroom of the Waves.”  You might want to learn more about Seeger and the legendary Clearwater organization at  Then consider volunteering or buying a weekend ticket for the festival, at Croton Point Park on Father’s Day weekend, 2011, to help Clearwater continue to “deliver for the river!”

Volunteers Meet the Crew--Sunday, October 24, 2010

Volunteer Gear in Bunk Area


Waiting for Evening Grub in the Main Cabin

First Meal at Red Hook is al fresco

Land Transit for the Crew is Aboard, as Well!

Use Shore Heads When Possible

Call-A-Head's Got Nothing on These Guys--Sustainable, Yet Elegant!

The Alternative to Shore Heads--A Composting Toilet on Board!

Just in Case–PFD Supply On Deck

Tiller and Mainsail Are Ready--Pointed North at Red Hook

Driveshaft and Engine Are Ready If There's No Wind

Crew for the Voyage

Poster on the Pantry Closet Says it All!

Morning Chores--Swab Those Decks!

Morning Chores-Aubrey Pumps the Bilge, Europa Fills the Brine Barrel

Ship's Mate Bard Readies the Mainsail

Raising Sail to Depart Red Hook--Monday, October 25, 2010

Sloop's Stern Area

Secure at the Dock Next to Yacht Summerwind–79th Street Boat Basin

Although it Looks Like a Close Call at the George Washington Bridge...


Sloop's 108-foot Mast Easily Clears the Deck of the Bridge!

Clearwater Educator Maija With GWB in View

Clearwater Educators Nina and Maija

Navigation Lesson

Trawling for Hudson River Life

Physics Lesson--Mechanical Advantage of Using Lever to Pump Bilge

Physics Lesson--Mechanical Advantage of Pulleys in Tug-of-War

Classroom of the Waves Has Decks for Chalkboards--Plankton Lesson

Aubrey Climbs Mainsail II

Aubrey Climbs Mainsail

Gathering for Souvenir Drop of Hudson Water at Departure

About rockviv

You've entered the cyber-locale of Vivian Rattay Carter, a grant writer employed by Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation in The South Bronx. I've lived and worked in the New York metro area since 1979, in diverse places like Astoria and Rockaway Beach (Queens), Kensington and Windsor Terrace (Brooklyn), Grand Street and Tribeca (Manhattan), and Norwood, Woodlawn, and Riverdale (The Bronx). I treasure the amazing parks, architecture, and cultural institutions of our multicultural city, as well as the musicians and music lovers who enjoy congregating here.
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5 Responses to Red Hook to GWB or Bust! Hudson River Sloop Clearwater’s 2010 Pumpkin Sail

  1. Ted Crockett says:

    Fine job, great pictures, and the link to Facebook almost guarantees circulation. I have done 5 “volunteer tours”, and had the privilege of sailing the entire Hudson from Troy to the Verrazano Bridge; each section is quite different (the harbor, the several bays of the suburbs, the narrow river of the upper river). And each time a new group of interesting people. The regular crew you were with I think is one of the best- low key Nick, Kate a gem, Bard another lawyer doing honest work, Aubry the energizer bunny. And Nina and Maija, always ready with a song. Thanks for giving me an occasion to relive the memories.

    • rockviv says:

      Hi, Ted!
      Glad you enjoyed my post on Clearwater. I am happy to be a part of the group and hope to volunteer again next year. Thanks for checking out my blog!
      Vivian Carter

  2. Bill Hudson says:

    Here is hoping the next generation keeps the hands on the tiller.
    I crewed way back in the 1970’s when we were making it up as we went along and Toshi would somehow not only be making us food but helping out in so many way.
    I have always said sailing on the boat will change your life and for may of us it did indeed that.
    Keep up all the good work!
    Still Pickin’

    • rockviv says:

      Hi, Bill,
      Good to hear from an old-timer. Maybe you know Eric Russell, another long-time Clearwater supporter who was responsible for my attendance at the festival this year, and indirectly, my membership in the group and my sail on the sloop! I’m sure there must be thousands of Clearwater folks out on the internet, so I’m getting great comments on my post. Life changing voyage for me, too. My theory is that if just a tenth of the people in this country experienced life on the Clearwater for a few days, there would be a groundswell of highly beneficial, ecologically conscious, behavioral change. We can only dream… Thanks for checking out my blog, and taking the time to comment.
      Vivian Carter

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